Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/14/2022

Yohoho io

Yohoho.io is an online game on [website]. Playing Yohoho is like a sweet challenge. There are many pirates on an Island, and all are fighting with their weapons to survive.

In this game, when the ship the pirate gets struck by a storm, he is stuck on an island. All the pirates fight with each other with their swords. Finally, only one pirate will survive, which is the winner of the game.

When you hit the other pirates hard, they will be finished, and you will get bigger. This makes you even stronger to fight the rest of the pirates left on the island.

The special thing about Yohoho.io is you can choose your own pet to fight with you. These beautiful pets are eagles, monkeys, and many more.

New characters of pirates will be unlocked after collecting booty in the game. This booty is like gold coins which can be collected after finishing the opponent pirate or opening a chest with hitting.

While playing the game, your survival time and number of kills are recorded. After the game, you will see the stats in a table.

Who created Yohoho.io?

Exodragon developers created this game for [website].

How to play?

Yohoho.io is very easy to play but you will need practice to become perfect

  • Pirate, move with your cursor
  • When you come closer to another pirate, attack him by clicking the left click
  • You can also move with WASD
  • Use space to attack and hold it longer for a focused attack

You may have to face more than one pirate at a time and attack them. So, make sure to hit your enemy with precision. Otherwise, you will get yourself killed easily. Keep your pirate in practice, and you will get a lot of rewards after winning.