Subway Surfers

Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/19/2022

Subway Surfers

If you are dying of boredom, you should play Subway Surfers. This endless running game is addictive when you start playing it.

The game starts with a little boy running away from an angry policeman and his dog. A policeman is really trying hard to catch the boy and punish him. There will be many hurdles on the way, which the boy has to leave behind to stay ahead of the policeman.

You have to collect gold coins that appear on the railway track. These coins will help you in unlocking new characters and hoverboards. Other than gold coins, some special powers can also be collected while running. Sometimes you get a power that makes you jump higher than usual.

You will get awards, and you should complete them to collect keys. These keys help you unlock new hoverboards with new powers and customize your character.

Can we play Subway Surfers on a mobile device?

Yes, you can easily download the android and iOS versions of subway surfer on your mobile. However, you can play this game online on your desktop without even downloading the game.

Who created Subway Surfer?

Subway Surfer was created in 2012 by Kiloo and Sybo developers based in Denmark. And at that time, it was the most famous game of all time, having around 40 million downloads on the play store.

How to play Subway Surfers?

This game is very easy to play.

  • Use WSAD or arrows to turn left, right, up and down.
  • When you encounter a low tram, press S to crouch and rollover.
  • Dodge the trains and continue to run forward.

If you hit the train or any hurdle, the furious policeman will catch you, and you have to restart the game from the start.