Stickman School Run

Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/14/2022

Stickman School Run

Running from homework in real life is not something new for us. But Play touch comes up with this amazing idea of running from homework in the game as well. And the interesting thing is that the stickman is running from homework to save a girl who is probably her girlfriend.

The Stickman School Run is all about running and running while dodging all the barriers that come the way. The barriers are pretty funny, too, like there are scissors, protectors, D’s, and other such stationary. Rescuing his girlfriend and dodging all the obstacles whilst collecting stars is what the stickman is doing in the game.

There are good 100 levels of this game. The duration of the level is not so long that the player starts feeling exhausted. The stickman gets reunited with his girl in a short period.

The graphics of the game is just cute. There is this stickman who is running for his stick girl with a background of the notebook.

Stickman School Run is an online game that is totally free to play. You can enjoy playing it by sitting in any corner of the world without getting bored. If you are a kid or someone who is into running and jumping games, then this one is totally meant for you. It is not only free to play, but also the mechanics and controls are easy to learn.

On which device you can play?

You can play this game both on your computer and on your mobile. So, if you are ready, then we invite you to test your skills.

How to Play?

There are following guidelines you need to follow if you want to play the game like a pro.

  • To move forward in the game, you can use the right arrow key.
  • To jump, hit the up-arrow key.