Snake Game

Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/19/2022

Snake Game

Snake Game is the exciting remake of the classic mobile phone “Snake” game. This is one of those all-time favorite games. No more thinking about the past days where you played on mobile. Relive the joy in an improved version!

In this game, you control the snake’s path and feed it as much as you can. The more apples you feed your snake, the longer it grows.

The game is calming and fun but it gets intense as you play. In the beginning, there is a tiny little snake that moves at a calming pace. As you progress in the game, the snake becomes longer and faster. This increase raises the difficulty of the game. Be careful not to run into any walls!

If you feel out of touch, you can always adjust the speeds. Keep feeding your snake until you drop new eggs. Back in the day you might be a pro. This is your chance to finally get your name on top of the leaderboards.

Snake Game is suitable for users of all ages. It is a fun way to pass time. Moreover, you can unlock new snakes and various stages as you collect eggs. There is plenty more you can do. If everything is going smooth, you will find various bonuses to help you push your scores.

How to play?

If you are looking for a game to pass the time and sharpen your reflexes. Snake Game will keep you calm and excited at the same time. It is an easy game to play but it gets tougher.

  • Play simply using arrow keys
  • You can choose between Touch and Button Mode before starting a round
  • Feed your snake and make it longer
  • Don’t let the snake touch its own body or the edges.