Developer: Josefina Myers
Date: 10/19/2022

Run 3

Do you want to travel through space and feel like an astronaut? Run 3 is a space game in which a tiny grey alien-type creature runs through a tunnel-like-looking area. The blue track has many hollow spaces from where the alien can fall into space. Your duty is to keep the alien running and not fall.

The scary thing about this game is it is in endless space, and the grey alien has to keep running. While running, many holes and falling tiles can come over your game. When you step on the tiles, they fall into the space, so you must be careful and avoid them.

Run 3 track rotate in 360 degrees. You can step on the side wall, and the screen will rotate. This is an amazing thing. You just need to step on the walls, and it will become your track.

In this endless game, you will pass a point where the next level will come. Every new level will be more difficult to play with more holes in space and tiles falling. Your alien speed will also increase as it travels to the next level.

Run 3 will give you a feeling like you are in space and crossing black holes to travel into other galaxies. There will be no end to this game, even if you run for hours.

Who developed Run 3?

Run 3 was developed by an American named Joseph Cloutier. Run3 was released after Run and Run 2.

How to play Run 3?

Run 3 is very easy to play, and it is fun.

  • Use arrow keys to control the little grey alien
  • Press the up arrow button to jump.
  • Use the right key to move to the right side
  • Use the Left arrow key to move to the left
  • Jump from the holes and falling tiles to avoid falling into space