Retro Bowl

Developer: Glen Lyons
Date: 10/19/2022

Retro Bowl

Are you an American style football fan? Retro Bowl will certainly please you. This game is a beast created by New Star Games. The best possible mix of management and play. If you are looking for a challenge and think you can manage your dream team, this is where it begins. Rush forwards to victor and be the boss of your own NFL franchise.

Retro Bowl allows you to manage your own roster and expand it as you progress. There is a lot more responsibility involved. You need to take care of your team and fans, keep everyone happy. In addition, as the manager you have to take care of your press duties as well. With great fun comes great responsibility, that’s for sure.

The endless customization of this game guarantees one thing. You will never face repetition or get bored! There is a lot more. You can name your team, edit your jersey, and the location of every player. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Easily switch steams in game, and polish rusty teams into fine sharp diamonds. If you love making money, Retro Bowl has a salary cap that starts at 200M USD! Put your brain, your love for American football, and your management skills to the test. Work your way to the top and be the best manager there is!

You can play Retro Bowl on your PC, mobile, and tablet. Other than being New Star Games’ first game on [website], it is awesome! You can even play it offline if you want to. What are you waiting for?

How to play?

Retro Bowl is crazy fun to play, but what’s better is that it is also easy to play.

For navigation, use your mouse or touchpad

For selection, use left mouse button