Moto X3M

Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/19/2022

Moto x3m online Game

Moto X3M is an exciting game you can play online. The game starts with a dirt bike ready to go on the track. On the way to finish the level, you will face many obstacles. Giant rotating blades will come in the way of your motorbike, and the game will be over if you hit them. Then you will start playing the game from the beginning.

You will get 3 chances to replay a level in Moto X3M. Sometimes those sharp blades will follow you to give you a hit, but you have to be faster. If you hit the finish line, the next level will come.

The colorful background theme in each level makes Moto X3M more attractive to play. 

When you keep going to the next levels, the Moto X3M game will get tougher to play. More bumpy roads and an increased number of hurdles. This makes playing it more thrilling, and you will enjoy it even more.

Moto X3M has different types of bikes in various colors and designs. From sports dirt bikes to heavy bikes, you can choose anyone to play with. However, you must earn stars and equip them to play the next level. When you pass the stage in less time, you will get more stars to unlock new good-looking bikes.

How to play?

  • Use the arrow keys to play Moto X3M. Up arrow for accelerating, down arrow for brakes, and left/right keys to keep the bike's balance.
  • You can use the left arrow to flip the bike in the air and do a stunt. Flipping helps in finishing the stage in lesser time.
  • Dodge the hurdles and pass the obstacles carefully to finish the level. Do a lot of practice, and you will get perfect in playing Moto X3M.