Master Chess

Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/14/2022

Master Chess

Do you have a high IQ and want to play a game that makes you smarter than others? Master Chess is the best game on [website] to sharpen your mind. Codethislab developed this game to play online. The wooden chess board effect in the game gives you a real-time feel.

This Chess game has two modes. You can play with someone offline on the same device or with a computer.

When the game starts, each player owns 5000 stars. These stars start getting less with time until you make your move. There is also a timer running which makes this game more intense to play because you have to be quick in making your next move. If stars come to zero, you will lose the game even without being checkmated by your opponent.

While playing Master Chess, make sure to make a clever move. If you find a good move, find a better one. One little mistake can ruin your game, and you will be a checkmate very soon.

Master Chess entirely depends on your strategic thinking. Each piece has some rules to move. You must protect the king from direct attack and always think twice before moving.

How to play Master Chess?

You should follow some basic rules to play this game.

  • Move pieces by clicking left click on your mouse.
  • Choose one, two, and three-star game difficulty levels according to your skills in chess.
  • Start your game with the best move possible because the first move in chess matters a lot.
  • Different pieces can only be moved in a specific direction, so move them when illuminating boxes appear to tell you the possible boxes to place the piece.
  • Surround your king with other pieces like a pawn or knight to stop the opponent attack your king.