Mad GunZ

Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/14/2022

Mad GunZ

If you like action games, play Mad GunZ and wipe down your enemies. Mad Pixel created this crazy first-person shooting game to entertain you.

Mad GunZ is full of thrill and action. You must choose your gun and knock out some enemies to stand out on the battlefield.

You will get daily rewards, including body armour, Golden Key, and Diamonds. You can use these items to upgrade your weapons and, most importantly, amour.

Mad GunZ is a pixel game from the first person's perspective. This is the best free game on the internet for gamers interested in shooting games and one-to-one battles.

The game starts with a player landed in the war zone. Your player has his weapon and armour. You will have to move quickly through the map, dodge the bullets of your enemy, and shoot your enemies. Only one person who defeats all the opponents will be victorious and is left alone on the battlefield.

If you think that you are lucky enough to survive the fierce battle, you are wrong. This game does not need your luck. It needs your fighting and tactical skills. Nobody can stop you if you are good enough, and you will be the winner.

Can you play this game on mobile?

Yes, this game is available both on android and iOS. You can easily play these games in landscape mode on your smartphone.

How to play Mad Gunz?

To play Mad GunZ, you should be very quick and vigilant. A good strategy matters a lot in playing this game. Follow these instructions to play

  • Move the player around with WSAD
  • Use the mouse to aim at the opponent
  • Use left click to fire and shoot your enemy
  • Move fast and change your place not to be shot by enemy bullets