Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/14/2022


Lordz.io by BIKAS is all about a dream coming true because it offers you to build your own fantasy army in the medieval world. The idea behind this one is survival.

The exciting part is that it is multiplayer gameplay. You can connect via Facebook or Google and can play this game with your friends and other people available online.

Lordz.io is about developing strategies and testing your tactics against rival troops. As the game's name suggests, you are the lord of your fantasy army and commanding them all the way.

You need to collect gold if you want to build your base or get yourself an empire. Besides, you can also expand your forces and compete with your rivals more effectively and efficiently.

You can also shop for different useful stuff, like chests and packs that can unlock different heroes.

How To Play Lordz.io?

This is the playing guide to Lordz.io that will help you play the game with a hundred percent command over it.

Get Your Hands on Gold

First thing first, you are in real need to earn gold in this game if you want to upgrade your assets. One way of earning gold is collecting it manually, but if you want to get your hands on a lot of gold to become a wealthy commander and to buy all the glittery items like gold mines and all, then you need to buy it.

Building Empire

After earning gold at the start of Lordz.io, you must build an empire necessary for defense purposes. If you want to show your enemy that you are strong enough to beat them, you need to focus on building your kingdom like soldiers, castles, knights, and whatnot. 

Attacking Strategy

It is not always easy to attack other lords directly, but if you are brave enough, you can do so. But the best way to loot their buildings is to sneak in and attack.