Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/14/2022


If the first thing that pops up in your mind after reading Dadish is radish, then you’re probably thinking right. The developer of this game, Thomas K Young, named it by joining two words Daddy plus Radish is equal to Dadish.

If the name of it is interesting to hear, then you can imagine how much this game is going to be interesting to play. Dadish is all about a daddy radish that has one job of finding his baby radishes who have gone missing from the place.

Whilst trying to reunite with his baby radishes, Dadish has to face some enemies too, which are based on the fast-food theme in the game. These fast-food dudes are all set to kill you, so daddy needs our help to avoid them.

During the course of the game, you are going to encounter a funny and sarcastic dialogue between the father and the children. There are fifty sassy and cool levels of this game which means you need to find fifty rude babies to search.

Moving to the features of the game, then, it has eye-catching graphics, cool sound effects that is an absolutely cutesy, and, most importantly, the mechanics are easy. You can easily control your player.

Avoiding and killing your enemy is quite interesting if it is something like French fries and burgers and other junk food items. Not only these but some bosses too that you need to kill.

Dadish comes with two moods. One is hard, in which you just need to kill bosses and save the babies, and then there is the possum mode, in which one possum is taking care of the life of another possum.

How to Play Dadish?

The gameplay is pretty simple and easy to understand. Follow the following guideline to play Dadish like a pro.

Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move through the game and the space button to jump.