Basketball Legends 2020

Developer: Bonnie Tyler
Date: 10/14/2022

Basketball Legends 2020

If you are someone who is a fan of extreme sports games then you are landed at the right place, because the only thing that this game is focusing upon is playing basketball. The good thing about this game is that this is a double-player game which means that you can play it with your friends.

Basketball Legends 2020 is a sequel which means it comes with exciting updates and of course a kind of sort of difficult structure as well.  This one is without a doubt a pretty joyful version. All the matches of this one are comprised of two periods. One period last for sixty seconds.

Do you know what is interesting about Basketball Legends 2020? it is that you can play it as representing your favorite basketball players. All you need is to choose your favorite team and then you get entered into the tournament. The tournament can be against your PC and it can be against your friend as it is an online game and free as well.

Let us talk about earning points within the game. You can earn it by dunking and shooting wonderful shots. You can also block your opponent and even slap them for the purpose of taking the ball from them and knocking them out.

How to play?

Following are the controllers of Basketball Legends 2020. you need to keep in mind them if you want to become a pro of it.

  • Use WASD keys to move in the game or you can also use arrow keys
  • To shoot and perform any action you need to hit the B
  • You are going to use the S button to pump and block
  • V is going to be used for the super shot
  • Hit the D button twice if you want to do a dash