Bad Ice Cream

Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/14/2022

Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice-cream is an online arcade game that Nitrome has solely developed for those who are fans of fun maze games. This stress-releasing game is all about you and your favorite ice cream flavour.

It is two players game where you are going to encounter some bad guys on your way to collecting the fruits before the time’s run out or before the bad guys, who are basically your enemy. First thing first, you need to make a choice between your favorite ice cream flavor, and then you will control the ice cream of that particular flavor.

You also need to break the ice within the maze. You can also build walls of ice to trap your enemy or hide from them.

There are 40 different and exciting levels that you need to complete. You are going to find different enemies at different levels. The graphics of the game and the sound play of the game is just on point.

All in all, this game is based on four exciting steps, collecting the fruits, building and breaking the walls, completing the game before the time runs out, and finally competing with the enemies.

Do you pay to play this game?

This one is free of cost, and you can play it both on your PC and mobile phone by sitting in any corner of the world. No special skill or training is required to play the Bad Ice Cream.

How To Play Bad Ice Cream?

If you want to become a pro in this game, then you need to keep in mind the following instruction about the controls of the game.

  • If you want to move up, down, right, and left, then you can use the arrow keys.
  • To break or create the blocks of ice, you need to hit the space button.