A Small World Cup

Developer: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/14/2022

A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup is an online football game. In this game, there is one person at each end who defends the goal and hits a goal at the same time. You have to jump and hit the ball hard to score a goal.

The game is kind of funny because the players are dummy dolls type. They have to slam hard against the ball, and doing this, they sometimes fall on the ground. In hitting the football, players have to jump in the air right in the way from the ball is coming towards them.

A Small Word Cup game has two modes. You can either play in the practice mode or direct in world cup mode. There are many teams to select, and you can also select the difficulty level according to your practice. A high difficulty level means you will have to do more struggle to score a goal.

The most interesting mode is Golden Goal Mode. You just need to make 1 goal, and you will win. This will leads you to the exciting new stages of the tournament.

The most hilarious event in this game is when you hit your opponent instead of the football.

About the Developer

A Small World Cup was created by an Italian game developer company named Rujo Games.

How to play?

This is an easy game to play, yet it is a challenge to dodge the opponent and make a goal.

  • Choose any team to play with
  • When the game starts, you will see a white arrow that tells you the direction of your player
  • Press the left click of the mouse and drag the cursor in the direction to hit the ball
  • Carefully hit the ball because if you hit the ball in your goalpost, your opponent will get a goal