Developer: Kim Bush
Date: 10/19/2022


2048 is a game that will get you addicted to mathematics. The game is single-player but it makes you focus and test your mental math skills. 2048 is an exciting game that will help you improve your math skills but in a more fun way.

Math can be fun for some but not for everyone. So, if you are having a hard time finding your love for math. 2048 will certainly capture your attention.

You start off with an almost empty frame and can merge tiles with same value. Once you merge the tiles, the value doubles. As you get a bigger and bigger number, the space reduces if you do not think it through. The goal is to pay close attention and predict the best moves.

You can slide the tiles up, down, left, and right. Identical tiles will merge but a new number will keep appearing as you slide.

Remember, the grid you will play on is 4x4. You do not have a lot of space to maneuver around. Therefore, try to free as many spaces as you can with each move. The more space you have, the more you can play. Once you run out of space, it is game over.

How to play?

2048 is a really simple but quite challenging game. You play by only using your arrow keys. The goal is to achieve the number 2048 without running out of space. Identical tiles will join and double the number. After every move you make, new numbers appear. If you can reach 2048 before running out of space, you win!

Who created the game 2048?

You can play the original 2048 game online at [website]. 2048 was first created by Gabriele Cirulli in 2014. The inspiration for the game came from Veewo Studio’s 1024. If you trace it further back, you’ll end up with the game Threes.